At your age Mom!!


Mother is a wonderful word that can add happiness on anybody’s face!! And for women, it’s a full circle of transformation. And beautiful gift any girl can get!!

These sound so sweet.Mother is a lovable word in all languages, which holds upper hand!!

But unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have this gift. Sometimes mothers turn down the kids or kids disown their mothers.

But unfortunately, I didn’t have Mother or Could be a good mother. The only haunting truth I still regret in my life is the night when my mother was burnt alive in an accident with my father 80% with Zero percent survival hope. When I was 9 years old. I never thought or understood it was my last time I am going to see my mom, I was scared standing alone. 5 years old sister called me stating mother wants to see me. I believe she knew it was her last time she wanted to see her first born daughter.


Life moves on, My friends at school use to talk about moms,  I just use to think hope I had my mom waiting to watch for me. While going to sleep I would imagine my parents staying with me and having happy days. But unfortunately, it’s a painful experience I would have seen that day, To sleep well I use to imagine it.

I was 19 when I had my baby son, didn’t know how what was going in process of motherhood, didn’t even know I was pregnant or knew how babies are born. But my son was the reason to live, Due to physical abuse mental pain in-laws. Due to age factor 20 yrs, I was forced to work earn money, Unable to give more time to my son. He was going away from me I didn’t understand it. The relationship came to any end. I didn’t have any home to take my son when I was kicked off. I was forced to live him.

Later, he was attractive to his father. But I couldn’t forgive his father and go back to him for my son sake. I was seeing my son was leaving me. I couldn’t trick him. I was blamed with all names. And trying hard to keep up with my son.

But one day I realized he crossed his father and started lies with me. I was making his life difficult to force myself with my son. And somewhere I realized it was a mind game with tender heart.

I don’t know why, but I have to decide on greed my son or allow him to be with his father. I stayed away. Stopped talking. Every single person taught me I was having a fun run from responsibilities and selfish.

I couldn’t be a good daughter or a good mother. But guys all over whoever reads this don’t underestimate a real motherhood and appreciate mothers whom we take as granted. Every mother deserves respect for the scarification they do break all the bones while giving birth to you.

Let’s them know you love them and thank them for being part of your life. And respect them!!

Broken pieces of my soul!!




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