Question asked “whether this would get us close”??


Everyone goes with an or couple of a hard time when things get spooky in a relationship. The main reason people have this hard time when other side people lose interest in you and he/she want a breakup in slow process pricking in silence.

When a relationship starts everything goes as honeymoon period of our life, The person will chase you until they have got you. They can mark any words and tell any shity impressive things about you and never drive you in anger mode. In fact, by that time they would have learnt the craft of handling you with your weakness.

They will go very smoothly and handle you with care, remember another side will be fully unaware of this matter and it would be thought these are two perfect people made of each other impressive matured enough to handle him/her. In between two of them, they would have a perfect understanding he/she will be an angel of their lives. Love will be selfless. Things will be getting into deeper which is commonly known as “expectation”.

Many people think the expectation is a selfish word, is that? I won’t think or put in that way it’s a dependency of relationship or universal rule as a known loved person we all as humans reciprocal the same things what we give. Remember the fame science proved theory words “EVERY ACTION HAVE AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION”

This is simple rule followed by all living things on this earth, you don’t give love you won’t receive love. This holds very much truth with Karma and Universal thoughts what we think will bounce back to us. Hence these are things are framed with one single word expectation. But many people talk or tell don’t expect anything from anyone. What a crap it is, the people who are telling “DO NOT EXPECT” is also expecting you not to expect.


Coming to the point, the expectation increase and attention decrease. that is when the person who is seeing a bit of change with opposite partner catch it fast. And start questioning “Why, What, How” these changes are taking place. When it end with silence if he/she want to prove nothing wrong from their end. It’s just our so called framed illusion.

Things get worst, therefore, asking a question from one end and other end trying to keep quite as if nothing happened. These emotions work very quickly in our brain level which creates constant question what happened how to get back the same relationship on track.

But the reality is the relationship is coming to an end from one side with the Tags ” keeping quite, no calls, no diners, not even messages. And then blame game starts when he/she tells you that “you go nuts I am unable to handle or understand you( but reality is they have done with you). This thing heart or brain won’t understand we keep on going crazy questioning him/her what went wrong. The same question will bounce over you for being silly, slowly it would go so hopeless the talking or making effort will be from one end.

Finally one day you will be asked: “whether showing anger on her/him would get us close”?? That is the time you have to realise your no more important to this person. There was no love it was just an attraction, And you will be blamed for all the anger talks you spoke, but they won’t know what made you speak or question these things.

Trust me, I was asked the same question from my guy?? Which I realised with stabbed soul again.

But now I believe, it’s very difficult to move on with the thoughts and you would find no one will be so good, But trust me there is one more beautiful and more trusted person in your life to love and trust which will never break your heart.



Think about it, don’t allow anyone to insult your soul. And stand up on your terms when you have nothing, That is the beauty of discovery your own self.


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