Yes No Swap Our Life!!


These two words seem to be so common. Which is used in our daily lives? We think it’s very simple easy and much-ignored words.

So let’s unfold these two words, In many ways, we use Yes or No word “Without a concise account” and things get started with it.

These two words which sound’s to be tiny word, But the decisions are made with this words and it gives a touch to our entire life circle, but when we just turn back to review our lives it would have led ourselves into some other direction which we would have not opted for, this make us stunned on which point of life we are standing.

Many times we end up telling big Yes when something is asked suddenly. Later we would go on and on thinking why did we say yes since the task would get difficult to fulfil by us.

It’s like over-committing urself which might turn to be rigid. Give a movement on deciding whether to tell yes or no for any matter which is out of your capacity. This is interconnected from being in relationships, financial or any other matter. where people tend to ask your approval.  Never get emotional when answering for any kind for word. Since this gives an expectation to opposite person especially when it comes to emotions triggering out.

When you are unsure about tomorrow how to commit on things which hold your entire world. And People suffer from this 2 mindset. Everyone can risk to a limit, But we can fall into trap risking our own inner peace. We can’t Save anyone, But we can stand with them.

Next time make sure your are capable or not. Just do things for them automatically without offering false promises. Life gets complicated with it. Think about it.


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