Depression is not a simple issue!!


Many People think depression is just a timely disease with occurs only when we problems are around us. its big NO. Clinical Depression is often said to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and this is what most drug treatments are based on. Certainly, in many cases, there is a reduction in a number of certain fluid in depressed people due to stress, grief or difficult life circumstances.

It’s not a timely problem, And depression is not caused by one problem or one situation. It’s due to many reasons which get piled up when the brain loose the control of thinking.

I ended up wth depression When total issue started once my love life got rejected and x-sister life was in scrutiny and things started taking  shape when I was holding issues from the time I lost my parents at the age of nine and was dealing with my own war fighting with society with abusive x-husband, son wanted to go with his father. Then a young guy name HariKrishnan popped up in my life in the assurance of happiness which he failed me terribly due to Money, Society status, Caste. The fact was he wanted to lose his virginity found me alone so played in name of Love. Once fuck was done within three months of relationship he came up with “Brain Tumor ” where he can’t marry or have sex. I believe and hoping for his wellness.

The Love letter was written to me by HariKrishnan!!

If I had a habit, below will be about your wait, I’m writing it now, wait

“Met a girl in my office., the 1st report was from an idiot Team-mate informed she was – Bad., later surprisingly found she knows Tamil – I was happy. I thought she’s a married girl and she’s earning which I don’t like, so started teasing her, Y ur earning. later started analysing her as I doubt she’s not a married girl, finally, my instinct came true- she’s a spinster. One fine Morning, I saw her in saree, she’s amazing.. and her hip! wow! later I don’t why she bought food for me., but to say, she’s an excellent cook. I love her food, but I don’t like to be served. time moved., I came to know abt her hard life. I called her when I’m in peak booze, she bared that call and she impressed me. A fantastic judgment by me abt RAMYA reached her!! then the worst day came, I went to BBQ, drank fully, become violent as usual, tried to kiss and did . the only thing I remembered – She’s my saviour. She saved me that day. what girl…!!

Things are very great after that, I started flirting her more, started loving her more, I whatever happens wanted to make her happy, I called her again to BBQ, she came unexpectedly, that day, in sense, she kissed her, then most evenly feel I got. I controlled, but not so long, touched her, and kissed her. Days passed so beautifully with her later. I started seducing her more and more since I went out of control. one fine day she called me as she’s not able to bare. that day was the best day of understanding, and we are the best couple. “

But after two years when I was deeply sick with depression. he left me without any help to a suicide couple of times which I failed miserably blocked me from all over the social media. I did not believe when friends told he lied.Since I had strong trust on him.

He happily married within 3 months of a breakup, Still, I am taking medicine for it. Finally when I came to know and exposed him. He admitted to the fact he lied.

This is the fact I went through when someone been with depression, do not ignore them.Since these are simple ways to help them.

Cause – The brain gets impacted while going with depression:

It that emotions reside in the heart. Science, though, tracks the seat of your emotions to the brain. Certain areas of the brain help regulate mood.

Regions that affect mood

Increasingly sophisticated forms of brain imaging. depression — seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — has uncovered another potential factor in mood disorders: an internal body clock that has gone awry.

Medical problems

Certain medical problems are linked to lasting, significant mood disturbances. In fact, medical illnesses or medications may be at the root of up to 10% to 15% of all depressions.


First, Listen to them no matter what the crap it might be and do not get judgemental. And They Don’t Want To Deal With It By Themselves

Nobody wants to be locked in a cell of depression which gnaws them from inside all the time. Often times, we tend to give up on our loved ones suffering from depression because we see our efforts being met with zero results. You forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need to constantly reach out to them. Remorse and aggression are common responses that you might face but loving someone never comes with the guarantee of a permanent bliss. The challenge is to help them come out of this storm.

It’s Okay To Get Frustrated But It’s Unethical To Abandon Them. We are humans and we are fragile in nature. When we are trying to ease the pain for someone else, we often deplete our own energy.
Do not compare – Constant Comparison Makes Things Worse For Them
The most common responses that depressed people often have to encounter are the comparisons and heroic tales of people telling them how they embraced their own personal struggle. It is different for everyone and comparing them to someone else and telling them how they are unable to overcome this problem only maximises their anxiety. You need to let them be and hold on for their sake.

The important thumb rule is that we need to learn the difference between empathy and sympathy. While empathising with a loved one battling depression helps them, on the other hand, offering sympathy for their state only makes them feel worse.

Be and hold them, I have my Dr as my saviour, who is still treating me from past five years. Apart from her, I can not express anything to anyone due to lack of knowledge of depression which others hold.

We are humans and everyone need be to loved and show time attentions. That is the greatest achievement a human can do to another human.

Help people who are in a depression, Do take it as granted as there are mad mood swing people. They need help, Help them.


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