What is the greatest problem with threatens human’s life most of the time?? There is haters, killing, mental issues like Anxiety, fear, trauma, depression goes on.Let’s go exploring and solving it!!

Our human civilization basic Law is “Talking and Listen”. The world is still evolving in the same pattern, No matter how advance we have grown or progressing. We can’t stop talking and listening.

Millions of scholars who has spoken countless words, written books and got popular in the own Era.

But what made them so famous?! where entire world acknowledges them and still follow their principles!! 

That’s the Power of – LISTENING !!

If other people would have not attended and act on what they told. The history would have been dead. No one would have known anything else. The History, science, religion language learning would have swiped out.

Paying  attention to someone’s talk is the best gift to give. We talk 99% and just listen 1%. The Human ego stands straight in between talking and listening, which have caused major destruction to human’s life.

The best part is that apart from human’s no other creatures talks. Can we imagine if animals star talking?? the world would have gone crazy the civilization would have been messed up!!

We bloggers, Philosophers., Authors putting thoughts in form of words where we read and listen to them.  Movies are another important aspect which plays critical role of listening and to understand what is the motive of characters who are talking onscreen- We audiences just sit listen understand and it so effective to turn our emotions upside down!!

But unfortunately,  when we are talking to people in direct conversations we don’t hold same attention, direct jump to prove who is wrong and correct. This is the major problem not only with me or my place but entire world. We listen half and react double to it. And decide a person character in a second. 

This cause many health issues over us where parents don’t allow kids to speak their point of view, Teachers with students, husband-Wife Friends to Friends But hold on come to fact listening/talking both goes hand in hand!! It’s not “Don’t Don’t Don’t ” never work out has an elders. 

What happens when we listen to music ?? It does direct impact to our brain where we give attention to the sound. which creates magic on our mind change entire body which is scientifically proved. If a person is mentally ill 100% of the problem can be reduced only by paying attentions little more!!

Where we fail terribly has humans?? Listening !! Yes true, we don’t listen what is others point of view Y on earth we don’t we are not running for rocket science. It’s simple day to day life!! What happens if we listen without getting judgemental. We open-up with only with few people with an assumption to get together in exchange of ourselves views happiness hard times suggestions or solutions on any issues!! What happens when it’s not marked with its expectations of hearing and ignoring you as a idiot. That’s where trouble lies!!

I would like to tell, Just sit next to a person and listen to they words you would be surprised they are so depth and their soul would heal like blooming flowers. Listen to birds, nature, sea gushing, wind dancing, these are very small tiny things, but once you start listening to these natural things your inner soul will be connected to nature and understanding the details of tiny things!!

If a person is depressed – suffering from anxiety and depression bi-polar try not to talk much but listening to them. Which will heal the soul faster? I have been bi-polar for years and till on medications and I don’t have anyone to listen apart from my doctor.

This Listening is big deal with many people which they fail to express due to society or elders ego which makes many youngers to march over death suicide. The Ratio is close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year and there are much more who attempt suicide. Hence, many millions of people are affected or experience suicide bereavement every year. Suicide occurs throughout the lifespan and is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds globally.

Suicide claims more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined.Depression 25 million Americans suffer from depression each year.

The only solution for this is LISTENING. Listen to people nothing you are going to lose that few minutes or hours. Don’t ignore them. Everyone won’t tell they need to speak but it can be found by they actions.

Look into it and give them your time and don’t get judgemental on them. You’re not going to win world prize proving your correct. Every single living thing. Will be correct on their own terms.. 

Hope we develop this habit of listening!!



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