Everyone one feels emptiness once in a while no matter where you’re in a crowd or alone.

In Charlie Chaplin movie “The Gold Rush” he had portraits to show the depth of feeling space gap in awesome happiness which is crafted in his imagination!! That one scene explains how empty a human can get and meanwhile how the thoughts can turn into flawless emotions inside us.

From childhood, we are thought to stay together with some or other people. Inform of any relationships which meant to be ur not at ur aloneness(empty)

Emptiness is not keeping people around you, it stands how full or meaningful your life is with or without people with facing the harsh truth which is not based on lies.

Faking full filled lives are people are more empty than real loners who fabricated lies into true and end up spending whole life proving it.
The life goes pointless?? Some were inside your deepest side your aware it’s a lies well you will be pleasing someone or hurting them.

Hardcore is no one is going to Die with you to fill your emptiness.

But being loners aren’t wandering in empty space.It’s a crowded place you in with so called loved once.But still, your would feel blank. if your words go unheard.

To end, Emptiness can be filled with truth and trust. And sometimes it’s good to feel nothing to know the value of full.


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