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When Heaven comes Down!!

Breath taking resort in Sikkim- nature at it’s best!!


What is achieved by this?? By Killing People – Death is for everyone, Until Then allow to Live!!

Is this the world with peace!! What is power how many days – why people don’t realise everyone have to die one day until then can’t have clam lifestyle?? Killing people burning buses, rape mass muder ??

What is achieved by this?? Before killing anyone, for a second can’t think opposite person is same with blood and flesh??

After few days it’s just remains as news and adding one more bad history?? Why and what’s the point???

Stop it!!

Unnoticed show stopper!!

The complete circle of show stopper!!

Earth’s Most Beautiful Outfit – On earth day

Monkeys are celebrating Earth day!! This is border road between Sikkim and West Bengal in India. Where Trees are treasured more than 100 years, Un-discovered path due to landslides during the rainy season, But the rain never shy for any reasons!!


When clouds spread over greenery!!   It;s awesome, where any nature lovers can’t stop falling in love!!


There is a peacock hidden in, wearing white features !!


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