Global Warming – Time to Act


Follow my group – And I would like to take ownership of plants who can afford it!! Kindly leave a message!! I would provide the details. No matter which country or place you belong!! We are One Race And have One Living Earth!!

Jane Goodall Says Trump’s Efforts To Derail Climate Action Are ‘Immensely Depressing’ Many People stood up for this cause.

This is a very serious issue and biggest threat on our entire planet. How can well-educated person how to live on our earth and still don’t the effect that Global warming and should stop messing up with MOTHER  NATURE? Our Planet is only living planet which gives life to every form of lives. We are already failing on Global warming so badly that we have scared with our nature which is unable to heal itself.  Being President of US Mr.Trump can go so dump stating – Clean Cool and we would have little left for future. Is he going to kill his Grand children’s with Global Warming issue Or making them eat MONEY to LIVE??

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Even Money is made of trees. If nature is not saved, who is going to eat that money? Mr. Trump, how can a person go so blind at least for your youngest son and grandkids? Someone en-light Trump to learn basic things on.

Even religious Head’s like Pope and Buddhist monk have spoken and supported awareness of Global Warming.

It’s not like we get up every morning – Eat, Office, Eat, Sleep, Dream to make Money buying a mansion, high Tech Care, Huge Bank Balance. When you do have oxygen to Breath and Heat is going to kill you. What is the use of these Material things?  It’s not about being Vocal. It’s about to act on it !! And This Single man LEONARDO DICAPRIO have been investing his time and traveling places to Save our Earth. Not in huge level, Bu we can start with small things. Planting trees for our Future.

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This is not just a rally, Celebrities show stoppers or Silly talk. These people stand for – I, US, WE.  It is nowhere. No looking for a life on Mars. Spending million of dollars, It’s here earth our Planet and our TOWN, CITY, STATE, COUNTRIES, MOTHER EARTH!!



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