via Daily Prompt: Territory

As a human, before 5 million years or more of hominid history, our ancestors lived in hunting and gathering societies.Only in the last 10,000-12,000 years have other types of societies evolved.

When humans were rapidly growing with technologically and advanced societies where getting upper hand. Human started getting divided and forming a territory.

In ethology, the territory is the sociographical area that an animal of a particular species consistently defends against conspecifics (or, occasionally, animals of other species). Animals that defend territories in this way are referred to as territorial. Territoriality is only shown by a minority of species.

Now the territory has become a bigger part of our lives and animals are divided as per the environmental changes. And it is our human responsibilities to protect lives with belong to the respected terrorist. And it’s set of protocol where group of people follows certain rules stating in particular territory(which can be called as contention, countries, state, cities)

In simple words its just piece of land which is occupied by a group of people and managed by them. But unfortunately, Humans started getting greedy more and more power to own the land and control them as per they wish.

In this ugly path, millions of lives have been sacrificed shedding blood for greedy power maniac. To acquire territory we have a long list of history which have to threaten humanity. which was seen in World War I and II. Which wiped complete humanity.

That doesnt mean, now we are in peace, Still, they are so many people flewing from one territory to another to just keep themselves alive. In this process also many lose their life.

And still, everyday people are killed in process of keeping their territory safe or fight for another piece of land.

I don’t know for these people are fighting for a piece of land or to keep people safe in that territories. Unfortunately, many humans don’t understand forming a  territory is just a piece of land. And that is the dead bed for everyone from so-called Rich to Poor.


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