Pain Addiction !!


We are all hurt in some or the other way. In daily process, weeks, month. What we do when the pain is not meeting its endpoint.

A human who hurt opposite person in a process to prove they are correct. Everyone have the right to fight feel pain get down or extream depression level. The pain is the result is LOVE. We got only 2 types of Pain, which are Physical and mental Pain.

The Physically pain can be healed until breaking bones and ribs which turn on Mental Pain. Which can put you down completely

Nowadays mental strain is the main killer. Slowly it breaks mind soul heart all over. Any addiction can be overtaken by LOVE you.

Show people Love addiction how are sacked by love and choose another form some other addiction like drugs.

Everything can be healed with love and the part of the time you give to someone shattered into pieces.

It’s time-consuming process, but give your time to heal them,



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