Despite Hurt Learning To Live


Everyone has experienced pain and hurt at some point in their lives. We have all felt like our trust has been compromised, and we wonder if we will ever be able to trust again. Those experiences can be very painful, and the feelings are completely normal.

Sometimes it takes an entire soul in the process of grieving. Do we fall for the same person again, No we don’t go with the same person, If we find someone else better than the previous showing up as helping to heal you.

But what if we don’t find some other person Or If we get cheated again with the same scars with another person??


Trust me, It will be the worst days of your life, when you are living but dead from inside. Sometimes it goes like a Robot job. Get up with pain and sleep with same. It goes blank and wondering what the hell went wrong start blaming ourself’s.

Another part attached to this, the thoughts get pile-ing up with lead to the starting page of our problems. The sacredness of trusting again will become horrified “TOPIC” of your life.

Trust me,  It makes sense. Betrayal by a loved one brings on some of the most powerful pain imaginable. However, Trust is the only foundation for any relationships which you can’t deny or run from this fact.

Now entire life we go through betrayal and trusting game!! Without any option, we have to play this game in every stage of our life. But each part will be teaching us different types of lessons. At some point, you would stop telling yes to everyone and sense the danger facts which would get involved again. THE BRAIN WOULD DIRECTLY REJECT IT STATING “NO MORE PAIN”. I have gone through it.

But still, we could overcome through this heart touching sensitive problem, By getting practical in every aspect of our life. And this time the choice will be you and only your’s.In-fact brain will alert us. Listen to the inner voice before jumping into things.

Very important note: Avoid judgemental people. Since they would have no Idea the amount of the pain you’re dealing inside. They would free ask you to swap ur mind just like that.

Don’t hold them it would get more worst than you are going through. In that surely you will find a single friend in form of any relation. They would tell “I DO UNDERSTAND THE AMOUNT OF PAIN YOU’RE GOING THROUGH AND HELP YOU WITHOUT GETTING JUDGED” hold them tightly.

Don’t be ashamed of urself and never regret it. The vulnerability is one of the most important strengths. As humans,  we are meant to make mistakes and you don’t need to be ashamed of it. Take these things as part of your strength. If you Don’t RISK  urself you would miss the greatest pleasure of your life. Don’t be a coward of Society, religion and what would others think about me ?? I just want to tell just “give a fuck these things” Keep moving.

First trust yourself, No one can know urself better than you. Know that “IT’S HARD TRUTH”. Thinking about urself us not selfish. Trust urself and your point of view!!           Listen that your inner instincts. Pay attention to your instincts and trust yourself today, tomorrow, and every day.


Sometimes it’s hard to forgive who took out the monster part from you with the deepest wound. Everybody will tell you “Forgiveness is important”. But I would prefer to tell it’s your option to forgive or ignore. It’s impossible to forgive the most trusted person betrayed you. Once you start knowing urself you would automatically give a fuck on them. I did that.

There is nothing wrong to Grieve. It’s an important part as happiness . Give time to urself and talk to the people the same thing again and again. There is nothing wrong in that. But everyone won’t understands that, Talk to them who are not judgemental.

You would be a victim for someone’s selfishness, But don’t hurt urself stating everything was you’re the mistake. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in the sting of being betrayed. Give yourself some credit that you have seen the worst asshole in your life and still living on your own terms.

 Go with the flow, Stop putting your happiness on others shoulder, which is never going to work. Follow your dream and keep trying on that.Hope trust expecting from yourself.Hard is to give up your past, there is nothing wrong thinking about it, But at the same time think what you really want into life, go with it. Don’t hold plan A with a high expectation it will work, Keep options if plan A don remember you have B, C, D … until Z.

Be honestly, remember there is nothing to hide or lie. No relationship can start on Lies. If you find someone interesting person, open up. And make sure you have all the rights to continue or drop that person with honestly were no one gets hurts.

Don’t be silent, Speak up you have all freedom to express what you feel. And if your not happy with someone let them know what is there in your mind. until you tell what your inside no one will know what are you. No one is mind readers. Make sure opposite person als0 have this simple rule without making things complicated.

Hope this might help someone!!



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