Rain sound !!


When was the last time we have enjoyed hearing rain and thunder sound before going to bed??

We have just forgotten what is real music ūüé∂ ¬†is all about and most beautiful music is given by “Mother Nature”

Staying in ultra modern lifestyle, with all sophisticated equipped life, In fact, we hold the entire world on our figure tips. We give laptops and Smartphones to our kids to keep them silence and give elders a break.


Is that we are getting disengaged and forgetting something which we learned from our grandparents in countryside life with farm lands and greenery all around and playing in mud!!

The first smell of mud when the rain starts its own artwork all around spreading the mild smell of mud when rain hugs muddy fields with little drops.

And when rain makes crumbling noise when clouds have a feast while reaching earth ūüĆŹ. ¬†Let’s get honest how Many people have felt this awesome noise and a mild smell of raising the heat of mud which is claimed by rain.

How many people have time to teach your kids now or allow them to know the pleasure of this childhood fest? These are best memories our grandparents have to give to treasure these memories.

To teach our own kids!! In the process of making money, with lavish house and care. Does that make us proud parents and keeping our kids a bay from a touch of another face of our earth.

Working for 8 hours for 40 years. Then make a trip out. It utters completely useless. Today is present tomorrow is unpredictable!!

We have been missing these small things, just for some more and more money!! Just come out once in a while and enjoy nature music!! To have to sound peaceful sleep with awesome music!!


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