Putting An End To Your Panic Attacks


Putting An End To Your Panic AttacksbreathePanic attacks can be one of the scariest things that can happen to a person. With that being said, they are not indicative of any serious physical condition and pose no threat to an individual’s life. Panic attacks often occur whenever a person is in a stressful period of their life or is in a large transitional period from one chapter of their life to another. However, there are also individuals that suffer from panic attacks for seemingly no reason at all. This article will serve as a concise guide on how to stop panic attacks no matter who you are and why you get them.

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand is that panic attacks are perfectly normal. Millions upon millions of Americans are diagnosed with anxiety each year, with the vast majority of these people suffering from panic attacks. Panic attacks are essentially a large outburst of adrenaline and other ‘fight or flight’ hormones in a short period of time. When this happens, a person may have uncontrollable scary thoughts, feel disconnected from reality, sweat, along with hundreds of other completely normal symptoms. The first step to getting rid of panic attacks is to acknowledge that they are a perfectly normal biological mechanism that many humans experience.
Next, it is important that an individual understands that panic attacks are a completely mental condition. There is nothing wrong with them physically. Individuals that suffer from long-term anxiety that are accompanied by panic attacks often don’t understand that the cure to their condition is through changing their own mental state. That being said, prescription drugs are also helpful in reducing the severity of anxiety and panic attacks.
However, medication should only serve as a much needed boost for an individual to work on themselves and improve their mental state. Doing this will ultimately lead to not only cessation of panic attacks and anxiety, but a much happier life. One should avoid to become dependent on anxiety medications at all costs.
Unfortunately, many individuals that suffer from panic attacks and anxiety will truly believe they are a hopeless case.

Most of the time, these individuals will conclude that they have an incurable ‘chemical imbalance’ of the brain and that they will never be cured of their anxiety. First of all, it should be noted that mental health is an area of health that is not very well understood at all. The theory that individuals suffer from panic attacks due to a ‘chemical imbalance’ is a theory that has not been proven by any scientific evidence. Furthermore, by looking at all of the individuals that have tackled their anxiety and panic attacks and have gone on to live happily is further proof that this theory is not related to any kind of fact.

The true key to understanding panic attacks and anxiety is to not give them any power. This means that you do not allow your anxiety and panic attacks to be an excuse not to do anything you normally would without these conditions. You should strive hard to not fear anxiety and panic attacks, but actually anticipate them and use them as a challenge you can overcome. Of course, this will be excruciating hard at first, but if you conjure up the strength and willpower to continue with this course of action, you will be anxiety free. After a while, you should be able to actually enjoy getting panic attacks and see them as a fulfilling challenge for you.
This practice may sound absurd, but doing this means that you will learn not to fear panic attacks and hence, give it no power. Many people don’t realize that the key to getting rid of anxiety is to not give it any power. If you go on internet forums and obsess about the condition each and everyday, it’s no wonder that a person’s anxiety and panic attacks get worse. If you strive your hardest to get on with your life, the attacks will begin to fade away. Soon, you will notice that it has been weeks since your last panic attack and simply laugh it off. This is the true key to understanding how to stop panic attacks.


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