Month: February 2017

A girl Jenny went traveling to the beautiful place Auckland , for looking for a job to sustain her life in a peaceful manner!!  The ratio of Prostitution!!


To her shock, she ended up meeting a pimp, forced to take a job in the red light area as prostitute!! Her entire dreams were shattered!! And some of the prostitutes use to wonder if they could meet a guy who could pick them from this hell. Exactly like”Pretty Woman”!!

Was this possible in real life?!! This is a big question marked until today ??!

Later on, Jenny, Comprised herself for taking this job!! And moving with it, thinking one day she will quit this job and have a farmland of her own !!

In this process, she became very strong without any fear!! But unfortunately, people couldn’t see what was the reason for her arrogance!! For her, things became like a Robot work !! She lost all her feeling emotional touch.

The only thing she knew was this was her job and she is getting paid for it !! Some day it would go very hard on her because of psychopath customers. In this process, she forgot she owns any kind of emotions in her life!!

The days passed by, suddenly one day she met an elderly widower man who landed to her room, Jenny thought he was just like any other cruel man. But as soon as he entered the room. He just absorbed things around him. When she asked him shall we start ?? He was looking into her eye body language and she was murmuring to herself.

He said NO. And he asked her to make a drink for him and he would be obliged if she could accompany him. Jenny was astonished and agreed for a drink. They started chatting with the drink. The man went curiously to know about her past and how did she land in this rack?? It did not take much time for Jenny to open up. Since she was suffocating herself with the pain for many years and cried out loud with all the pain.

The man left the place. And Jenny started for another day of hell. For her surprise, she saw the same man as her customer. Somewhere concern of her heart she was beaming in her heart. This chat continued for days and weeks. Finally, he decided to get her out of this hell.

He planned next day he would come and take her out get her escape, And as per their both thought, they were able to get out of that place. There was no limit of Jenny’s happiness!!

But in fact how many gentlemen’s hold the human heart to see another man/girl as a human. This is nothing but a pure heart to save someone with unadulterated humanity!!