human race and me!!



We hate someone because we are taught to hate it/them, we hate because we are ignorant we are the product of another ignorant people who have been taught an ignorant thing, which is that there was 4-5 different race.

Actually there are not 4-5 races; there is only one race on the face of the earth!! And we’re all members of this race, “THE HUMAN RACE” but we are separated people into race, so that same of us can see ourselves as superior to the others. Maybe we thought it would work that way, but unfortunately it hasn’t, and it happened to be bad for everyone.

There is no gene for racism. There is no gene for bigotry you’re not born as a bigot, you have to learn to be a bigot, the major important fact is anything you learn, and you can unlearn same at a time also.

 We have incredible lack of frequently to expose culture, beliefs and lifestyle that are often widely different from our own. I can honestly say that there is nothing more enriching than thinking we are normal humans which suppose to be known as HUMANITY.
Then why do we fight for every single thing, on gender, caste, color, land, power, money importantly so-called religion which divides people!! This below pic was published long back, questioning humanity!!


War is nothing but organized crime!!

Can we stop this nonsense nonstop fight for every single thing!! Be on peace love!! Everyone is going to die some early someone later!! At least hold good memories at your dead bed without no regrets!! There is no caste racism or upper lower caste rich poor!!

What is the different between these two men’s ?? Upper-Lower  caste which same death at the end of their life??

Its human mind believes in everything some other illiterate people say to follow people!! Love as there are!! That is why we are known as humans!! Even thou technology have developed and everyone are being educated!! STILL EVERYONE ACT LIKE A EDUCATED FOOLS!!

What is takes to ignore someone flaws, nothing just being you!!Why do RELIGION, RICH, LAND WAR, RACISM, CASTE, and UPPERLOWER due to their color face structure or WHAT ELSE??


At least don’t teach your future kids they are these illogical thing, which do not matter when you die other living thing(human,animals) are born and it have death end.As we set expiry date for everything!! EVEN HUMAN COMES WITH EXPIRE DATE!! That is bold truth  in-between that span of time just do something where you’re not going to judge a person with all  these above shit things !! If a person is good in respect of anything treat them the way you’re and not based on others things!!

Allow them to be themselves, If they don’t fit in your thinking level, move on just leave that place!! Nothing is going to happen it’s so simple and we have already made it so complicated, PLEASE DON’T FORCE YOURSELF ON ANYONE..

This is life we are living as blind by birth!! Rich people grow rich and poor more poor!!

Everyone talks about donations and charity works!! but does it really work, If does we wont have these kind of pictures online!!


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