Travelling to Free flow resort Goa, North


This is my first travelling experience article!! I am talking about, taking solo traveling to a small resort in north Goa Arambol. This year I had made myself very clear that I would be traveling to unknown place to have a quiet clam birthday by myself.

But still some were I wanted my boyfriend to accompany me, but it was always big NO from him, and No time drama. 

I was not so sure, but still I want to travel this time?? Little weepy sadness was filled inside me, Since he couldn’t make it out, when he could have done it, but left me with negative comments as usual, due to this i have to feel useless many times. Meanwhile checked with my doctor gotta to know northern part of Goa was clam place to relax!!

Then i got myself courageous and move by ignoring him and have my own story of traveling!!

Booked flight tickets and a resort whereby I didn’t know any places checking especially beach side finally decided place “Free flow Ego resort”!! I just booked seeing the reviews online which was very near at beach end!!

I had a picture thinking it’s going to be an Indian northeast people or Portuguese owing the place!!

Started my first flight trip traveling, forgot everything just go with the flow, I had very hard time in life!! Going through depression medicines  from past 4 years.

Suddenly I felt “Just live!!” 

Finally started my traveling day was heading towards airport, reached excited getting into airplane!! I was thinking to express my feelings about my inner emotions share with my friends!! But didn’t find anyone!! My boyfriend didn’t call check on me as usual!! 

Happily requested for a window seat, happily got it!! Watching plane so near!! Stopped thinking about everything!! It’s my days!!I started enjoying every single minute!!

Inside aeroplane I gotcha meet a woman who was  from London working in Bangalore for UK immigration, Just got to talk to her for just 10 minutes before landing!! Discussed the reasons of traveling she was seeing her boyfriend and I told it’s due to my depression all these years and my Dr suggest to travel !! Finally I am doing it.. she just put a book into my hands telling “IT’S YOUR BIBLE ” it’s was book of SECRETS!! And we walked apart.. I couldn’t get her name!! 

Got into cab, started feeling cool breeze enjoying sunset , started traveling unknown place, with heavy traffic it was night reaching restore!! Once reached met wonderful girl Marina and was little surprised all there were Russian!!

I just fell in love with the place it was so beautiful at night!! Was still more excited!! Started my next day I didn’t know the language, but enjoyed every bit of  it!! 

People were so amazing and warm-hearted I felt touched,connected to them!! Even thou it was their business I felt loved with emotionally touched Just talking to them!! Warm people beach end was so relaxing I felt so good , had good birthday they food was so amazing and touching cake the prepared for me!! Grabbing every minute with sea food and met some strangers!! Had best days!! Forgot everything in my life wanted to stay back with nature!! But couldn’t!! These few pics will explain the joy I have!! Awesome place sunset beach fire camp food!! 





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