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Stephen Colbert!!


Jim Carrey awesome magical words!!

Teacher Mr. Bonner

Kid’s life at War!!

We people are sitting on Laptop and acting like we have biggest issues over money buying new home,car,dress,toys,kids future,over retirement plan but uncertain waking up morning, grandchildren plans, Where we are heading towards!!

Here people are fighting for power and who standard’s Number 1. Everyone are scared of failures, they need smooth life without any puzzle, Where we are leading to graveyard one day !! We Are Going To Die One Day !! Hard Truth !!

Until then try to give a true hope for someone how desperately needs it!! See other side of the world where people just hope for small hut with some good without any war on them!!

See these wonderful kids, what mistake they had done in playing age!!

Think about them!!  Try to help your own people at your own place!! Even its your hard work money “It’s just a Paper” No one can eat it !! Share the excise of it !!

Finally it’s not to be Number 1 on Forbes Cover !! It’s purely about how much humanity you have shown in your life !!