Month: December 2016

The first and life-changing trip to Goa. Showed me the path of my passion. Still, then I was wandering in my life without an answer, WHAT I REALLY WANTED IN LIFE WHERE I AM GOING TO HEAD, Suffering from depression, Heartbreak, No one love or tell I am there filled with sadness and depressed I went a long way to find best people in my life. The people I met In airport and resort changed my life. A stranger female who gave me the book “The Screate ” To read and told this is your Bible read it. And walked away she was from United Kindom. The resort was owned by Russian and I made my best friends in my life and to hold them and cherish them in memories, Lena and Marian. And finally met a game changed who showed me the path of photography which I discovered it was in my Gene as my father.