Human Talks Around the Dead Body !!
    Luckily all living things are mortal. Think about it.  ...
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    Mother Asked Death, You Made Him Speak Yesterday I Could Hear, But Why You mute him In Cold Silent Today!!
    Many people ask me why do I speak or think about death so often; Many don't want to talk about ...
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    Every Girls Dream To Have They Mom's Wedding Dress or A Piece Of Jewelry :
    Every Girls Dream To Have They Mom's clothes Wedding Dress or A Piece Of Gold Which She Wore For a ...
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    The White-breasted Waterhens; India Goa
    The White-breasted Waterhens Bird are always found near the freshwater wandering in wet-land, The Birds are found in India Goa Aramobal ...
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    When North Tells South People Are "NARROW-MINDED" Thou Making Thier Living In South!!
    When North Indian Shame South Indian as Norrow Minded, Even thou they earn living in South Indian city Bangalore ...
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    The Great Coucal Bird: Goa India
    Birdwatching in India, These birds are found in North Goa known to be The Great Coucal belong to Cuckoo family ...
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